Psiphon – Get Psiphon 3 for Android, iOS and Windows [Free Pro Version]

Psiphon – Get Psiphon 3 for Android, iOS and Windows

When you surf over the internet and visit certain websites, you are attracting unwanted interest from either the hackers or the government. This could lead you into a lot of trouble. You want to hide your tracks while you’re online.

A trustworthy VPN service provider is the need of the hour when it comes to online privacy.

Psiphon is one such VPN service provider that would prevent everyone from tracking your online activities.

Psiphon – Your Own Free Virtual Private Network

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is simply a secure network between you and your server. Without the VPN all the data that is being transferred between you and the remote server can be monitored, stored and modified by any person skilled enough to hack the servers.

How It Works

If you think browsing in the Incognito mode will keep you safe, then you’re wrong, only the browser history is deleted everything else is still accessible. The VPN makes it possible for you to browse more privately by adding that extra layer of defense.

About Psiphon

Psiphon is accessible to all and is free to use VPN service provider, and is one of the most trusted application to keep your online activity a secret. The reason a VPN service provider needs to be trustworthy is that even though they keep all the data from the hackers and government, our data is stored on the VPN platform. You have to be sure that they wouldn’t bulge into disclosing our activities when forced by the government or anyone else.

The important features
that Psiphon provides as a VPN service provider are
mentioned below


This Psiphon VPN is Free and accessible by all


The identity of the user is hidden when they use it


Its definitely easy to install and use for all from any country.

Email Support

Applications can be downloaded via E-mail if blocked in a certain region

All Versions

Psiphon 4.0

The Psiphon 4 is still in development and will soon be available on devices that supported the previous version of this VPN service provider.

Psiphon 3.0

The Psiphon 3 is the current version of the VPN application and it a run-time tunneling system. The pro version has added premium features and is not free.

Psiphon 2.0

The Psiphon 2 is the next version that was termed as a cloud-based secure-proxy server. It still is available to download for lower versions of androids and windows.

Psiphon 1.0

was first of the application versions and it was created in December 2006 by the Citizen Lab. All its later upgrades and the original version is not supported anymore.


Psiphon, as mentioned earlier, is accessible by all and runs smoothly on the Android platform. It can be downloaded by following the steps given below.

1. Go to Settings >> Security >> Device Management >> toggle on Unknown Sources.

2. Download the application file from the given link.

3. Click on Install >> Next.

4. Open >> Connect your VPN >> Enjoy!


Follow the given steps to install this VPN service provider on your PC or Windows device and enjoy the privacy.

1. Download the .exe file given.

2. Go to your Downloads folder.

3. Right click on .exe and run as administrator.

4. Proceed and complete the installation.

The current version of this VPN service provider is compatible only with Windows 10/8/7/XP.


The Psiphon can be downloaded using the given download link for iOS and following the given steps. This application is supported on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

1. Download and install the app from App Store for iOS devices.

2. Open the app.

3. Select the preferred location or else choose Fastest Country.

4. Connect to the VPN.

Once you open the VPN and connect the server, the Psiphon homepage will be opened by default. You can choose to browse using this medium or close it and use your preferred medium.

It is to be noted that to run Psiphon on your android device, the device must be an Android version 4.0 or above or else the device must be rooted.